Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Erotic Underwear

While most women shy away from pretty sheer lingerie, you can bet that they'll have at least one push-up bra in their closet. Push-up bras are a miracle in underwear innovation. Notorious for giving women a fuller, bigger set of cups; most are still unfamiliar about how these beauties give ladies that coveted decolletage.

It's Not All About Size

Sure, push-up bras do a great job of giving the illusion of bigger breasts; but that's not all it does. Not everyone is born with those plump tops that rest perfectly on their chests (as seen on magazines and lingerie shows). A lot of women feel insecure because their breasts don't look as supple or as young as they wish them to be. But that's why a push-up was invented in the first place.

A good push-up bra not only helps enlarge the breasts; it also ensures that it stays front, centered, and uplifted. Most women have breasts that go in either direction. That's natural. This wonder of a bra gently pushes the chest together; revealing a more appealing exposed neckline. This is what is known by the French as a decolletage.

Make Those Outfits Look Better

Push-up bras can make select wardrobe pieces fit you better. Shirts for example, would look more seamless with the proper T-shirt bra. Smooth cups ensure that you won't get those infamous Hollywood 'nip slips'. Depressed because you're petite? No need to fret anymore. On those days when you wish for an hourglass figure while wearing your LBD, simply don a lace push-up bra to instantly feel sexy!

Each One Is Different

Not all push-ups are engineered the same way. Several models have removal 'fillings' or 'cookies' if you don't want the illusion of size. Most have demi cups to cover the entire breast area; while others offer a three-part cup to support smaller-sized females. You would need to test a couple and see which ones suit you best.

These miracle bras come in all styles and colors too! They're far from boring. Choose from lovely Spring colors that are perfect for the season such as lilac, pastel blue, or daring pink. Other features are mesh and lace fabrics, intricate floral details, and convertible straps. The key is having two or more pairs that you can mix and match. Don't be afraid to experiment!

They're For A or C Cups!

Again, don't focus on size when buying your push-up bras. Although they were originally created to help petite women, C or D cups could still benefit from the right push-up. They uplift the breasts to give a fuller, more supple silhouette. This is ideal if you're fond of plunging necklines or when wearing a glamorous evening gown.

Push-up bras also prevent premature sagging. If you want to protect your beautiful breasts and keep them young as you age, then these are the perfect tools. Explore your options and remain open-minded. Don't hesitate to ask for a little help – after all, we all need a little 'push' sometimes.

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