Thursday, May 22, 2014

So, you've worn your best rave clothing and put on your feisty make up and flashy shoes. You can do this! You can survive at the club. 

It's a crazy world out there! You could hear this from a newbie who just had her extremely horrifying experience at a rave party. Don't let this hinder the fun and enjoyment being with your friends at a club party. Believe it or not, most men and women who have survived clubbing look forward to go raving again. 

Clubbing for the first time can often be terrifying IF you do not have any idea on what you're going into. Keep in mind that this is not just an ordinary party with food, drinks, dancing, and friends. Some nasty things may happen in the club. If you come defenseless, you will surely go home whining and telling yourself that you will never ever will be going back again. Here are some surviving tips and tricks to enable you come equipped at the club scene.

Don't Just Dress to Empress!

You can wear heels, flats, boots, or whatever that makes you feel comfortable with. There are a lot of rave outfits to choose from. In the advent of the internet, you can find millions of rave clothes. Here's a simple trick: Wear something that is decent yet wild. Where in the world will find this kind of dress? It's all about your rave outfits that does not make you look like a shank. Keep in mind that there is a lot of Facebook paparazzi now. They usually stay at the clubs waiting for someone to expose. Learn how to dress appropriately. In other words, don't choose that rave wear, where your private parts can be seen. A simple and flashy outfit will do. Matched with a good pair of footwear and most of all a stunning all out make up.

Hazards on the Dance Floor

 Club Hazards
Some people try to get in the way and ruin all the fun on the dance floor. If you think he has transformed into a hazard on the dance floor, then it's about time to keep him away. Just because you're a clubbing novice doesn't mean you could not do anything about it. Here's a simple tip: Your friends might be with you at the club, but if it's that time where you wanted to go alone and catch some hot new guys on the dance floor yet trapped by these hazards. In order to survive in this situation is to dance with all your might. In other words, dance until you scare the vulture away. Else, this is the right time to call on your male 'bodyguard' friends. If they continue to creep you out, then, stay close with your friends to keep you off bound. 

Overall, surviving at the party only needs confidence. These tips and tricks should make you enjoy your night away with your friends. The whole rave party thing may be new to you, but once you step into the house of music, lights, and party people, you will surely be wanting more.


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