Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ben Nye Makeup

Little tricks – such as a spritz of Ben Nye final seal, or a dab of primer – can actually make your makeup last all day. In the previous post, you have learned how to choose the best shoes for Spring. This time, pair that knowledge with these practical cosmetic tidbits. Since the beginning of time, women all over the world suffer from caking foundation and runny eyeliner. Not anymore! Let these simple tips ease your mind so you can show your best face ever:

Prime Your Skin

A primer can add hours of life to your makeup. Treat your face like an artist treats his canvas. Prep yourself first with a gentle cleanser and non-comedogenic moisturizer. Let it absorb into your skin for about a minute or two before applying your primer. Use non-oil based variants so it stays matte all day long. Prime shine-prone areas of the face like the forehead, nose, and chin.

Choose Oil-Free Products

Whether you have regular to oily skin, it's safer to opt for oil-free cosmetics because it doesn't have emollient ingredients that make makeup slide off after a while. Plus, it won't clog pores. Check the components before buying. If you have dry skin though, you can mix foundation with your favorite moisturizer for a dewy glow.

Go Easy On Powder

Women often have the tendency to pile on setting powders. Don't! Your goal is just to help seal your look. After you applied cream or liquid foundation, lightly dust or brush your face with mineral makeup. The same rule applies for highlighters, bronzers, and finishing powders.

Don't Apply Eyeshadow First

If you can, ready your lids with special eyeshadow primers designed to keep them from smudging. You can also use white eyeliner or eyeshadow. These will make colors pop and really brighten your peepers.

Go For Liquid, Cream or Gel Instead of Powder

This goes for blush, eyeliners, and foundations. Creams or gel-based products generally last longer than powders because they're highly pigmented.

Carry Blotting Paper Sheets

At some point during the day, there will be some annoying shine you can spot on your face. Fight back with affordable blotting papers. Simply press it against the shiny area and roll off. Never rub! You can purchase these at any drug stores or beauty bars.

Choose 'Long-Wear' Makeup

There are special cosmetic formulas that are meant for long-lasting wear. Look for labels such as 'long-wear', 'water-proof', or 'water-resistant'. You can also get sealing sprays that make makeup stay on longer. Just spritz a bit on your face and you're ready to go!

Reduce Oil On Your Face

At least once a week, treat yourself (and your skin!) to a mask. Those made of clay can reduce oil production when used regularly. Once your skin stops producing so much, you will feel and notice that your makeup simply lasts longer than they normally would.

Different skin types will have different reactions to various cosmetics – so be observant. To have a professional assessment, visit your local dermatologist OR have a one-on-one beauty tutorial with your local beauty bar consultant.


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