Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wacky Hat Costume
Shoes, make-up, and club wear at missvixen.com sexy shoes makes for an easy, one-stop shop for those who want the chic without the costume. It's true that not everyone will have the time – or the desire – to dress up this Halloween.

And with the spookiest event drawing near, some are scrounging for last-minute outfits.

Can one really pull off a hauntingly stylish attire in time?

For those not into the capes, fangs, and coordinated shoes; here are other creative ideas to get in the festive mood.

Out of This World

Sci-fi and all things geek is a hot trend right now. But if blue body paint and large beady eyes aren't your thing; try rummaging inside your closet for some DIY dazzle. Have a pair of silver shoes? Wear them with a sequined skirt or a UFO shirt and it's an instant hit!

Don't have anything that's shiny in your wardrobe? Retail stores and online shops sell cheap articles year round. A shimmery top with an alien headband would suffice for a neighborhood Halloween fest. If you're not planning to purchase anything, go monochrome (use a single color scheme for clothes and shoes) and just apply glitter eyeshadow or lipstick.

Accessory Queen

Women in particular, love buying accessories they might not even wear. Those same quirky objects can be used for Halloween! Pumpkin headbands, rainbow legwarmers, or faux fur sweaters can all be used for a simple get-up.

Do you have a relative who keeps giving knitted sweaters with faces on them? It's alright to wear them to a spooky party! In fact, it can be a funny conversation piece. A casual attire with a Jack o'
Lantern tee and a colorful wig is a sure win! For those who have little brothers or sisters, borrow their adorable monster or cartoon hoodies and pair it with thigh high boots.

DIY Your Way

Club Wear Costume
Believe it or not: it's that time of year when anyone could be as funky or as sexy as they want and they can't be questioned. Often, an outfit can be so whacky that it doesn't even fall under a costume or club wear. Others like to imitate their favorite stars or famous Hollywood icons – with a twist! For something truly unique, create your own interpretation of an idiom or trending pop song (Harlem Shake, anyone?).

Everyone can make their individual look by coupling items already existing in their closets. Stylish platform shoes worn with tartan skirt and a white blouse could be schoolgirl chic! Stilettos and boots go with just about anything: leather pants, skinny jeans, or printed leggings. Add ribbons, some fake blood, and glitter to complete the odd ensemble!

The important thing is to have fun. Costumes and dressing up are great – but they're not the main cake. Going out with friends and family is what makes this occasion festive. So be resourceful! Don't be afraid to experiment while keeping costs low. It's not how expensive an attire is – it's how you work it!


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