Friday, December 20, 2013

Being a sexy missvixen in Winter can be tough: you must fulfill all those Holiday obligations while still looking fresh and pretty. Imagine the stress! Good thing you have an extensive wardrobe you can mix and match with your vast collection of shoes and accessories. Speaking of shoes, how are they recently?

Winter time can be harsh on those lovely pumps and leather boots. Remember that good shoes are a necessity in cold months; they keep the feet warm and dry, plus pulls any outfit together. No matter what you're doing this Holiday season, your footwear will keep you company until the next patch of flowers bloom. After all, it's hard to feel like a celebrity in damaged shoes. So making sure that they're always in good condition is essential.

Leather Love

Leather BootsOne of the best things ever to be invented, leather makes everything all the more sexy and sophisticated – be it bags or shoes. When it comes to this precious material, weather-proofing is key. Just like skin, leather has tiny pores which can absorb substances such as water. It would need constant moisture though, to keep it supple and prevent it from cracking.

During freezing temperatures, most people have the habit of placing their shoes near the radiator or heater so they'll be toasty once you slip your feet in them. Bad move. Too much heat can cause it to dry, producing those unhappy cracks you see in old products. Invest in leather protection like a conditioning spray or water-proofing wax to help keep them soft and beautifully smooth. If it rains and your boots are soaked, let them dry naturally by inserting crumpled newspapers inside the soles to retain their shape.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Before you go throw out your favorite Ben Nye cosmetics because Heidi Klum and others are literally rocking the 'bare-faced' look, take a moment to put that mascara down. This trend that's been spreading like wildfire recently has some logical reasons behind it. So don't fret over not looking as glamorous without concealer.

Putting on Makeup

It's nothing new really; but over the past months, celebrities have been getting plenty of hype because of going public – sans makeup. While there are a number of common women who simply shrug at the photos, others are not so forgiving. Reactions worldwide and across the Internet are a combination of surprise, shock, envy, approval, and even depression. But why are these stars foregoing the very thing which keeps them glamorous?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Many hardly realize the difference a small compliment can make; or how quality makeup such as Mehron cosmetics can instantly perk up a woman's mood. People often associate 'beauty' only with appearances. For women, being beautiful is holistic – it's all about looking AND feeling great. It's been known that uplifted spirits mean a smile – and a smile means looking beautiful.

It's possible for a girl to still look unappealing even in the trendiest dresses or the most fashionable clothes. That's because a girl's emotions and confidence are reflected through her face: her eyes, her lips, and her glow. So when a woman doesn't feel good on the inside, it's bound to show on the outside as well. Luckily, women know the best way to boost their mood.

Give a Gift to Get a Lift

Women are natural caregivers and nurturers. That's why it's no surprise how females can give and receive so much with open arms. It's a fact that helping others not only benefits the recipients but also the givers – so what better way to have that 'beautiful glow' than by extending a hand to those in need?

Beauty Drive

Monday, November 18, 2013

Time to take out those rave clothes and daring high heels – because it's the season of parties and clubbing again! Before the year ends, you can still catch up to 2013's hottest trends in the party scene. Like they say: it's never too late for anything. So get reading and if you haven't bought anything festive yet, shop for these clubwear essentials to be the 'Belle of the Ball'!

Neon Rave Wear

Attending a rave party? Some of the coolest get-ups involve warm fuzzy leg warmers (to keep off the freezing winds) and funky bright tops in neon colors. It would be more fun to dance in this vibrant outfit because it certainly attracts attention while being trendy. There are plenty of rave wear to choose from: go with a multicolored attire with matching hoodie; paired with cute leg warmers and platform shoes. Don't forget glittery makeup with sexy hair and be ready to turn heads!

Neon Rave Wear

Leather Black Dress

A new spin on the traditional LBD (Little Black Dress). LBD's are a staple in every woman's closet as part of the ten fashion essentials (including cashmere sweater, dress pants, a scarf, button-down white shirt, and patterned tunic). When going clubbing however, be sure to stand out by picking a leather LBD over the usual ensemble. This fabric is a classic and looks great on every woman. It's also tight-fitting to show off curves in all the right places.

Leather Black Dress

Monday, November 11, 2013

If women could always take advantage of professional makeup, they would. But since most can't; it's a huge guessing game involving colors, creams, and powders. Colder months suggest less colors – which means pale mornings and long nights. Not to mention the many office and club parties, last-minute shopping, and cooking for the festive season.

winter make up

How can the modern female handle all this Holiday stress while still looking fabulous? Read on for practical makeup tips and products specially collected for the Autumn/Winter season.


These are a must for Winter weather. Skin gets dry and flaky once temperature drops; so it's important to keep one's self hydrated. Besides drinking plenty of water and eating vitamin-enriched foods, treat your skin to the same care. Use a lightweight and hydrating formula to seal in moisture. Remember to do the same thing on your body. 


Plenty of makeup brands already carry a line of brighteners in the form of powders and creams. Make sure to grab one to keep your complexion from looking weak and pallid. These products have light reflectors (usually from crushed pearls or minerals) which catch light and help highlight the skin. Dust it on cheeks and the T-zone area for an instant glow. 


Cream/Liquid Foundation

An all-around product would do wonders to beat pale or blotchy skin. Opt for foundations which also act as concealers or BB creams. Try something in a darker shade: mix it with a moisturizer, then lightly spread onto face. It will immediately cover up dry patches while giving you just a hint of color.


Winter isn't the best time to be piling on heavy makeup. For the face, draw focus on your beautiful eyes and lips. Use black or brown eyeliners to give more definition; this also keeps the eyes from looking too tired. Don't forget to pair this product with volumizing mascara. The thick lashes and eyebrows combo is sure to catch attention!

Lip Balm

Moisturizing the lips is just as important. Buy a lip stain or chapstick with SPF and vitamins from cranberries. These fruits are known to boost softness; giving lips that natural rosy hue without cracking. Avoid licking your lips as well since enzymes from saliva would cause it to dry even more. 

winter make up

If you want more color, opt for a red or pink lip stain instead of a lipstick. You can even use certain formulas on cheeks for a rosy touch. Simply dab or dot a little onto temples, then lightly blend with fingertips upwards. This works best because most powder blushes only pile on and don't really adjust to the skin's natural tone.

A Secret to Beautiful Skin at Any Season?

Makeup only does so much to cover or protect skin. It's still vital to take care of it everyday through gentle exfoliation, moisturizing, exercise, and eating healthy foods. Always stay hydrated and meditate to relieve stress. Take time to enjoy the coming Holidays and know from the heart that you are a true Winter beauty!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Deep V Neck Fuschia Dress
Not every woman would have rave outfits in her closet. In fact – a number of girls are unsure how to pick the correct style of clothes for dancing the night away. Odd as this sounds, it's probably because club wear leans more on sultry looks with feminine playfulness; and not all women are comfortable about choosing such outfits.

Even if you're a conservative lady or a sporty dame, it would be useful to have at least one or two dance wear items in your wardrobe. You'll never know when you might need it! Also, there's a fine line between looking great and looking like a Halloween costume knockout. It's important to spot the difference and find a balance.

For the Sexy Seductress

A night out in the town is a girl's excuse to be dolled up and have fun with friends. After a hard day's work at the office or at the field, it feels nice to simply let loose once in a while. Women adore dancing and dressing up – so clubbing is an awesome combination of the two!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wacky Hat Costume
Shoes, make-up, and club wear at sexy shoes makes for an easy, one-stop shop for those who want the chic without the costume. It's true that not everyone will have the time – or the desire – to dress up this Halloween.

And with the spookiest event drawing near, some are scrounging for last-minute outfits.

Can one really pull off a hauntingly stylish attire in time?

For those not into the capes, fangs, and coordinated shoes; here are other creative ideas to get in the festive mood.

Out of This World

Sci-fi and all things geek is a hot trend right now. But if blue body paint and large beady eyes aren't your thing; try rummaging inside your closet for some DIY dazzle. Have a pair of silver shoes? Wear them with a sequined skirt or a UFO shirt and it's an instant hit!

Don't have anything that's shiny in your wardrobe? Retail stores and online shops sell cheap articles year round. A shimmery top with an alien headband would suffice for a neighborhood Halloween fest. If you're not planning to purchase anything, go monochrome (use a single color scheme for clothes and shoes) and just apply glitter eyeshadow or lipstick.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Every girl deserves a pair of really good shoes. Maybe five. The real reason women need so many pairs is because unlike clothes, footwear gets worn down faster. This makes shoe-shopping trickier since it has to fit several criteria: comfort, style, versatility, and price. Managing all those seems an almost impossible task.

Or is it? The trick is to fill your closet with these staple shoes and you can't go wrong. Here are the top five picks to complement any outfit.

Black Pumps

Black Pumps
 This classic number never goes out style. Pair it with the LBD (little black dress) plus a few dazzling accessories and it's an instant formal wear. No date night? No problem! These shoes can be worn at work too. If you're not comfortable with black, go for neutral tones like beige, brown, or gray.

Denim and dress lovers could benefit from this timeless piece as well. And because black goes well with just about anything; mixing and matching should be a breeze. There is a wide variety of pumps to choose from as well: platforms, open-toed, sling-backs, kitten heels – the list seems endless!