Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Looking for a place to store all your cinema secrets foundation? From New York to Japan, it seems every woman has that dilemma. Ladies of all ages are finding ways to properly store their cosmetics and finally get back that shelf space. This Spring, go ahead and organize your makeup collection. Your roommate will thank you for it!

Where To Begin

First things first: set aside ALL your makeup products and clean the area where you usually put them. Take a quick inventory of how many lipsticks, foundation, and eyeshadow pots you actually own. Sort them in a neat pile while you scout your home for an inexpensive idea.

There are tons of brilliant examples online. Feel free to take inspiration from resourceful ladies who were able to organize their beauty kit. It's pretty easy to go out there and buy a large makeup bag. However, you want to save money. Look around your home or apartment first to see which ones you can use.

Boxed Away

Makeup Set

For women who don't have drawers or a vanity table, you have two options: make one out of empty boxes OR; use Tupperware. Get creative if you find old ones lying around. You can utilize shoe boxes, hat boxes, or even perfume boxes. Strip them and decoupage to look like new. Make sure to secure them with tape, super glue, or any type of strong adhesive.

Almost everyone has some old Tupperware they no longer need. You can even ask dear old Mom for help. Clean and dry them well, and carefully arrange your makeup products. The great thing about Tupperware is that they are stackable. If you have extra space in a bedside drawer or table, just insert the small containers to look like mini compartments.

Cheap as Beans

Brush Tools

Here's a neat trick to make your bathroom look AND smell amazing! Use mason jars (or any empty plastic containers) for your makeup brushes. To keep them in place, fill the jar with coffee beans! It will instantly 'perk' up your room and your mornings! Not to mention that it looks absolutely chic.

Worried about the oils getting in your makeup tools? You can also opt for plain beans, colored rocks (available at the dollar store), or rice grains. This method is also good for cosmetics in pretty little pots. It's a beautiful way to make them easily accessible.

Hang 'Em Up

Makeup Collection

Want the world to know what products you use? Let yourself be the envy of your female visitors by hanging your makeup in a magnetic wall or frame. Take a regular cheap cookie tray. Wrap it in thin decorative paper or paint it with your favorite color. Get small adhesive magnets from your local dollar store. Attach them on each of your makeup products. Stick them up for everyone to enjoy!
If you want to take this to another level, you may get a wooden frame that's the same size as your cookie tray. Put them together for a unique conversation piece; whether in the bathroom, bedroom, or livingroom. Little metal pots with handles are a great way to hang makeup products too.
Don't limit yourself, vixens! Be it an old tray, soda cans, glass jars, or a cardboard box – you can turn anything into a pretty storage unit for your beauty products. Don't delay and let your creativity take over today.


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