Wednesday, January 15, 2014

For the forty-something Miss Vixen, gone would be her Rave Wear nights and miniskirt days. That doesn't mean she's no longer trendy – in fact, her style is now more sophisticated and refined. Kudos to her because she can now perfectly pull off the sensible and authoritative look (for real!).

However, there will be moments when she might need an extra hand in terms of picking out a few key pieces to complete an ensemble. For the fabulous forty, their life and bodies will undergo some major changes during this time. This could really affect how they make decisions for their fashion style.

One of the most important aspects for outfits over forty is shoe choice. With so many fads out there though, which is alright to wear and which ones to be wary of? Don't feel overwhelmed; start out with these practical hints and you'll be forty and flirty in no time:

Nude and Proud

Nude Pumps
 Also referred to as skin-tone shoes, these come in a variety of styles and heights. What's great about them is that they look awesome on any feet – at any age. A common fear for the forty-something woman is looking too old. Pumps in a nude shade can instantly fix that dilemma by creating the illusion of longer, sexier legs. The nicer the legs, the younger you'll seem to be. 

No matter how nice those legs are, miniskirts are a no-no once you hit forty.

More Chunk in the Trunk

Chunky heels are all the rage this season. That could only mean happy feet and shoes: the myriad of beautiful footwear choices will make women of all ages fall in love all over again; while no longer having to suffer the pain of mighty heels. The advantages of chunks are two-fold: on one side, they're as comfortable as wedges or flats; on the other hand, they have the height of stilettos and kitten heels. So there's really no reason not to own a pair in your favorite color!