Sunday, March 16, 2014

Colors play an important role in both fashion and beauty. It can bring out what's beautiful, create an illusion, and reflect one's distinct taste. Spring just happens to be the perfect time to showcase your choice of shade. Having trouble picking a favorite? No need to wonder which graftobian makeup palette to buy this season. Let this handy guide show you what's in for Spring 2014, and how to wear them.

What's In This Spring

Blue Shade Makeup

It's not the color of the year – but it's definitely a shade that's been making waves. Cobalt and royal blue are going to be in trend all season; so pick a tint that works for you (and your skin tone).

  • For cosmetics, incorporate this lovely hue in eye makeup. Eyeshadows and eyeliners are perfect products to stock up on. For a night out, choose deep royal blue paired with muted lips and cheeks for that sultry effect. By day, tone down the look with cobalt blue eyeliner instead of the usual black. This is a really great color to wear all day so be sure to buy long-lasting formulas to avoid frequent touch-ups.

  • Blue tops and bottoms are in trend no matter what year. So if you've been wanting to buy that powder blue cardigan or bright blue tights, now's your chance! If you're still a bit shy about integrating this shade into your everyday attire, don it in accessories first. Try a cobalt blue scarf to tie your entire look together; or a beautiful long beaded blue necklace to accentuate a white power suit. 

Pink Shade MakeupPINK
Some women may not be comfortable wearing this sweet shade. This is actually the best spring color for nails, lips, and dresses. Here's how to begin adding it into your ensemble:

  • Pink is great for blushes, lipsticks, glosses, and nail polish. This Spring, choose light shades for your cheeks and lips. Richer colors like mauve or plum are most suited for the eyes. The great thing about this hue is that it makes your skin look youthful and glowing. Pink-toned primers for instance, can instantly give that translucent glow from its green and purple counterparts.
  • Dresses or pencil skirts in this color are definitely eye-catching! It's best paired with blue, white, or brown. Pink symbolizes femininity and innocence. So if you want to create that laid-back vibe during a date; or if you're wishing for that just-flushed look – this color is all you need.

Yellow Shade Makeup
This show-stopper would make you ready for both Spring and Summer! Grab a light bolero or a cool neck piece in this shade and you can't go wrong! Want your makeup to have a pop of sun? Do it with eyeshadows that scream for attention.
  • Yellow is the best color to combat skin with blue or cool undertones. If you want to reverse signs of aging or hide the effects of a hangover, pick yellow or orange-toned primers. This serves as an instant pick-me-up shade too. Yellow makeup works great for lime, brown, or orange hues. If you have darker or warmer skin color, a bold yellow would suit you best!
  • Be careful when incorporating this into your wardrobe. A monotone effect can make you look sickly; so go easy on pants, blouses, and shoes. Go for larger pieces instead like a yellow trench or a bright handbag.

You don't have to spend much to embrace Spring into your life. You can buy just a few pieces to add into your existing collection; OR mix and match these shades for an awesome combo! Last tip: be confident! Whether on the catwalk or the sidewalk, let the best Spring colors perk up your day!


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