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Nighttime in Las Vegas definitely calls for a versatile graftobian foundation palette, fiery red lipstick, and glitter shoes. But Sin City can also set the stage for some embarrassing beauty and fashion faux pas. If this happens, what do you do?

Miss Vixen Dress And Makeup

Luckily, a sexy vixen always knows how to handle such crisis.

Here are the top 5 Las Vegas issues women complain about – and how to resolve them: 

1. Runny Eye Makeup

All those showy lights and non-stop dancing can take its toll on your perfectly-made up peepers. From show girls to Las Vegas blondes, they all complain about their mascara or eyeshadow melting before its time. How to deal?
  • Use waterproof cosmetics. Look for labels like 'long-lasting' or 'smudge-proof'.
  • Apply eyeshadow primer BEFORE putting on your actual eyeshadow.
  • When all else fails, spritz a bit of makeup sealant to ensure that your makeup stays put.
2. Wrong Foundation 
Right Foundation

All women want to look good in Vegas. But don't get caught up in all the glitz and glamor. It's important to stand out, but still remain true to yourself – and your skin tone. A common beauty blunder for Vegas girls is wearing the wrong shade of foundation. Here are simple ways to solve this:
  • Have TWO shades of foundation: one for Winter, and one for Summer. Remember that skin changes along with the weather. Provide it with the right coverage for such occasions.
  • Do NOT test foundation on the inside of the wrist. Do it on the jawline, as close as possible to the cheek.
  • When buying affordable makeup, choose a department store variant instead of the drugstore version. Department stores carry wares with more pigment.
3. No Makeup Remover 

This is something most women will face on a trip to Vegas. If you happen to forget your beauty kit, or you're just too tired to rinse it off, do the following:
  • Wet the hotel's washcloth with warm water, and gently rub all over face. Don't use soap.
  • Buy baby oil and moisten a piece of cotton. It effectively removes makeup and moisturizes skin too.
4. No Time To Get Dolled Up 

A trip to Las Vegas often involves a swamped schedule. There's just too many things to do and not enough time to do them! What if you still have a dinner date at the Ritz after a day of shopping?
  • Use dark brown or black eyeliner to easily jazz up your look. Apply on the upper and lower waterline area of your lids.
  • A flattering lip color or tinted balm can do wonders. Try daring red, burgundy berry, or old rose.
5. That Hangover Look 

If you had way too much of a good time last night, no one should know about it the next day. But puffy eyes and sallow skin can be a giveaway. What to do?
  • A moisturizing eye cream with caffeine is your new best friend.
  • You can also buy eye pads that you can put on before you sleep, or an hour after waking up. These are available in drugstores or online beauty retailers.
  • Does your hotel room offer complimentary tea bags? The caffeine in them works just as well for hungover eyes.
In the end, it's all about having fun. You don't have to wear tons of makeup to look god for an unforgettable night in Vegas. All you need are good friends, and your trusted stilettos!

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