Monday, December 2, 2013

Before you go throw out your favorite Ben Nye cosmetics because Heidi Klum and others are literally rocking the 'bare-faced' look, take a moment to put that mascara down. This trend that's been spreading like wildfire recently has some logical reasons behind it. So don't fret over not looking as glamorous without concealer.

Putting on Makeup

It's nothing new really; but over the past months, celebrities have been getting plenty of hype because of going public – sans makeup. While there are a number of common women who simply shrug at the photos, others are not so forgiving. Reactions worldwide and across the Internet are a combination of surprise, shock, envy, approval, and even depression. But why are these stars foregoing the very thing which keeps them glamorous?


This is probably the most common reason celebrities go without makeup. Beauty for a cause isn't just an adage – it's an advocacy for many to link being beautiful with being kind and generous. For women, this is something truly empowering. That's because vanity for once, isn't seen as a tool for egotistical motives but rather, as a way to connect and help others.

Celebrities Without Makeup

BBC's Children In Need campaign for example, has had famous stars like Caroline Flack and Louise Redknapp going bare-faced to help under-privileged kids and young people. Friends and family members can sponsor them through donations; and every penny earned is sure to save lives. Although well-meant, this program has sparked some online controversy regarding the celebrity photos. Nonetheless, the stars were very excited to share not only their natural beauty, but also awareness about one of the biggest world's problems.


Arguably, this rationale behind the bare-faced fame of stars is one which is widely-accepted. For one: celebrities are role models who plenty of people (particularly young girls) look up to. It's a fact that they are rarely seen without all that Hollywood glitz and glamor. They have created this surreal world where everything is supposedly perfect and flawless; a sort of impenetrable imaginary world that can only be dreamed of by those outside the circle.

But by skipping makeup, they have shattered these walls and made themselves vulnerable. To what exactly? To criticism especially. Also to truth, reality, and the world in general. This vulnerability makes them more human, more of a woman – and that is very endearing. Now many would see this as a mere face, a mask, or marketing ploy. However, to their female fans, they are heroes for daring to be 'imperfect' and still show that they ARE beautiful.

Personal Incentives

Different people think differently. And unfortunately, women – no matter what they do – would always be subject to criticism and this worldly expectation to be perfect and beautiful in all aspects. Many women see makeup as a tool to get ahead; a necessary instrument for survival in modern society. Others see it as a curse; a traditional restraint imposed upon the female species to prevent feelings of authority or pride.

Whatever the reason may be, going bare is a struggle for all women: inwards, it is something that they want – but outside, it is something to fear. It could be that shunning makeup is a form of rebellion. A stand against one's self to be confident first, before telling the same thing to another. Whichever way you want to look at it, makeup has been a huge part of the female culture that complete avoidance of it by the entire populace is unthinkable. What celebrities have done though, shall spread like wildfire and hopefully create waves of change.
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