Friday, December 20, 2013

Being a sexy missvixen in Winter can be tough: you must fulfill all those Holiday obligations while still looking fresh and pretty. Imagine the stress! Good thing you have an extensive wardrobe you can mix and match with your vast collection of shoes and accessories. Speaking of shoes, how are they recently?

Winter time can be harsh on those lovely pumps and leather boots. Remember that good shoes are a necessity in cold months; they keep the feet warm and dry, plus pulls any outfit together. No matter what you're doing this Holiday season, your footwear will keep you company until the next patch of flowers bloom. After all, it's hard to feel like a celebrity in damaged shoes. So making sure that they're always in good condition is essential.

Leather Love

Leather BootsOne of the best things ever to be invented, leather makes everything all the more sexy and sophisticated – be it bags or shoes. When it comes to this precious material, weather-proofing is key. Just like skin, leather has tiny pores which can absorb substances such as water. It would need constant moisture though, to keep it supple and prevent it from cracking.

During freezing temperatures, most people have the habit of placing their shoes near the radiator or heater so they'll be toasty once you slip your feet in them. Bad move. Too much heat can cause it to dry, producing those unhappy cracks you see in old products. Invest in leather protection like a conditioning spray or water-proofing wax to help keep them soft and beautifully smooth. If it rains and your boots are soaked, let them dry naturally by inserting crumpled newspapers inside the soles to retain their shape.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Before you go throw out your favorite Ben Nye cosmetics because Heidi Klum and others are literally rocking the 'bare-faced' look, take a moment to put that mascara down. This trend that's been spreading like wildfire recently has some logical reasons behind it. So don't fret over not looking as glamorous without concealer.

Putting on Makeup

It's nothing new really; but over the past months, celebrities have been getting plenty of hype because of going public – sans makeup. While there are a number of common women who simply shrug at the photos, others are not so forgiving. Reactions worldwide and across the Internet are a combination of surprise, shock, envy, approval, and even depression. But why are these stars foregoing the very thing which keeps them glamorous?