Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It will soon be time to take out those sexy high heel shoes ready for a day out in the sun! Spring doesn't only signify flowers, picnics, and romance; it's also one of the few times during the year when a woman is excused to shop until she drops. Yes, Spring is a good opportunity to rework your wardrobe and invest in key pieces to help you shine brighter.

Miss Vixen Dress Shoes

Shoes are the ultimate accessory; it can break an outfit, OR transform it from drab to fab in seconds. No matter your age or style, there's definitely a shoe for you. Whether you're forty and flirty or twenty and thriving – let Spring usher you into a new footwear era. Hopefully, one that's bolder and more comfortable than your previous choices.

But how?

Take a look at these easy tips to get you started on your next shoe shopping trip!

Shop in the late afternoon – preferably, after five. Why? Feet tend to swell as the day wears on, and trying out a new pair after work ensures that you'll get a good fit.

Don't standardize. Don't be surprised if you're a size 8 in one brand even when you're a regular size 7. Different brands or stores have their own set of standards. The key is trying different pairs until you find one that suits you best.

High heels are not evil. What you need to remember is height – anything taller than three inches will hurt your feet in the long run and can cause injuries. As much as possible, choose chunky or wide heels over thin ones. This will evenly distribute your weight and keep you from wobbling. Another great reason? Chunky heels are in for 2014!

Too much flat is bad. You love your cute ballet flats as much as the next girl, but be sure to wear cushion to support your soles. Make gel pad inserts your new bestfriend. This year, try shoes with one-inch heels instead of going all flat.

Think twice about pointed toes and flip-flops. Rule of thumb for flip-flops: if you're not at the beach, it's a definite no-no! Those gorgeous peep- and pointed toes might make you look edgy; but they actually harm your feet and eventually cause bunions. Go for footwear that keep your toes properly aligned. Leather boots for women are a good choice, as well as classic suede pumps.

If it hurts during the first try, don't purchase. It's true that shoes are generally tight the first time – but there's such a thing as 'too tight'. If you can, get a half size so your feet can have more room.

Finally, ask yourself: would you buy those cheap heels for regular price if it wasn't on sale? If the answer is yes, you've found a good match! If the answer is no, better shop some more. Remember not to hurry with your shoe experience. It will take two hours or more to find something that you can easily mix and match with your existing wardrobe. But never despair! The ultimate shoe pair is just waiting for you if you take the time to look in the right places.

So good luck and happy shoe shopping for Spring!


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