Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Deep V Neck Fuschia Dress
Not every woman would have rave outfits in her closet. In fact – a number of girls are unsure how to pick the correct style of clothes for dancing the night away. Odd as this sounds, it's probably because club wear leans more on sultry looks with feminine playfulness; and not all women are comfortable about choosing such outfits.

Even if you're a conservative lady or a sporty dame, it would be useful to have at least one or two dance wear items in your wardrobe. You'll never know when you might need it! Also, there's a fine line between looking great and looking like a Halloween costume knockout. It's important to spot the difference and find a balance.

For the Sexy Seductress

A night out in the town is a girl's excuse to be dolled up and have fun with friends. After a hard day's work at the office or at the field, it feels nice to simply let loose once in a while. Women adore dancing and dressing up – so clubbing is an awesome combination of the two!
Animal Print Party Dress
For those who love playing up their features and showing off a bit of skin, opt for sexy dresses with high heeled shoes. Choose fabrics made from vinyl, Lycra or leather. Petite women should go for stilettos and clothes that fall above the knees to elongate the legs. Plus-sized females would look best in halter tops to show off their curves. This is the perfect opportunity to wear flashy ensembles such as sequined blouses or shimmery mini skirts.

EXPERT ADVICE: Before painting the town red, check whether the club of choice has a dress code. There are some establishments with strict rules; so read up on those or ask around to avoid being turned away.

For the Simple But Sassy

Uneasy with looking sexy? You can still stand out with cool club dresses that scream for attention. Pick a part of the body that you would be comfortable showing off – like the legs, shoulders, a bit of the chest area, or the back – and select a good party outfit. A long-sleeved top with a scooped neckline paired with a leather A-line skirt works well with leopard booties.

Black Party Dress
Or try neon clothes with minimal accessories for a fun new look! There are tank tops in rainbow colors which are both comfy and chic. Put focus on your ensemble by wearing your hair down and matching the bright dress with plain black heels or boots. Denims are a nice and casual choice for clubwear too – just don a glittery top with gold or silver accessories.

EXPERT ADVICE: A conservative outfit can be spruced up by the smart use of bags and jewelry. A faux fur belt or beaded bag will work wonders. Never underestimate the power of exotic earrings or chunky necklaces.

It's not always easy choosing clubwear clothes.
Sometimes the dress may look unflattering; or the fit may not be right.

But eventually, a woman will find the best getup that would make her feel sexy and beautiful.


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