Monday, November 11, 2013

If women could always take advantage of professional makeup, they would. But since most can't; it's a huge guessing game involving colors, creams, and powders. Colder months suggest less colors – which means pale mornings and long nights. Not to mention the many office and club parties, last-minute shopping, and cooking for the festive season.

winter make up

How can the modern female handle all this Holiday stress while still looking fabulous? Read on for practical makeup tips and products specially collected for the Autumn/Winter season.


These are a must for Winter weather. Skin gets dry and flaky once temperature drops; so it's important to keep one's self hydrated. Besides drinking plenty of water and eating vitamin-enriched foods, treat your skin to the same care. Use a lightweight and hydrating formula to seal in moisture. Remember to do the same thing on your body. 


Plenty of makeup brands already carry a line of brighteners in the form of powders and creams. Make sure to grab one to keep your complexion from looking weak and pallid. These products have light reflectors (usually from crushed pearls or minerals) which catch light and help highlight the skin. Dust it on cheeks and the T-zone area for an instant glow. 


Cream/Liquid Foundation

An all-around product would do wonders to beat pale or blotchy skin. Opt for foundations which also act as concealers or BB creams. Try something in a darker shade: mix it with a moisturizer, then lightly spread onto face. It will immediately cover up dry patches while giving you just a hint of color.


Winter isn't the best time to be piling on heavy makeup. For the face, draw focus on your beautiful eyes and lips. Use black or brown eyeliners to give more definition; this also keeps the eyes from looking too tired. Don't forget to pair this product with volumizing mascara. The thick lashes and eyebrows combo is sure to catch attention!

Lip Balm

Moisturizing the lips is just as important. Buy a lip stain or chapstick with SPF and vitamins from cranberries. These fruits are known to boost softness; giving lips that natural rosy hue without cracking. Avoid licking your lips as well since enzymes from saliva would cause it to dry even more. 

winter make up

If you want more color, opt for a red or pink lip stain instead of a lipstick. You can even use certain formulas on cheeks for a rosy touch. Simply dab or dot a little onto temples, then lightly blend with fingertips upwards. This works best because most powder blushes only pile on and don't really adjust to the skin's natural tone.

A Secret to Beautiful Skin at Any Season?

Makeup only does so much to cover or protect skin. It's still vital to take care of it everyday through gentle exfoliation, moisturizing, exercise, and eating healthy foods. Always stay hydrated and meditate to relieve stress. Take time to enjoy the coming Holidays and know from the heart that you are a true Winter beauty!


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